Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ways to show off your body

Now that spring is coming up, and you've been working hard on obtaining that "beach body" that you so desire it's time to think of ways to show it off and help enhance your appearance.

The number one way to help with this is simple. TANNING!! When your body is tanned you can see the curves and muscle tones better. ALL body builders go through a big tanning process while leading up to competition. A tanned body helps show those ripped muscles...and most people find it attractive.

Another way is to wear clothes that are fitted. Fitted shirts and jeans help to let people see those muscles from under your clothes. these clothes don't have to be very tight. What you should look for when shopping are clothes that "lay" on your body. Shirts that provide a slimming effect will help people recognize your muscles more easily that big and baggy clothes. That don't push out or look baggy. By doing this people can see that hard work you've been putting in even with clothes on!

The final way, CONFIDENCE. When you walk into a room with confidence people will notice you more and be more likely to approach you. Confidence lets people know you're not ashamed of your body and take pride in it. Don't be cocky, no one likes that though.


  1. You tan outside or go to a tanning salon? Would one be better than the other? Tks.

  2. tanning salons are much faster and provide more direct UV rays.