Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skinny man workout

Recently, I had a follower ask about a workout for a skinny guy. Well skinny guys, your workouts should be much like the mass building workout I layed out in an earlier entry.

Some people can workout religiously and still not see results. Metabolism and body make up have a lot to do with this.

All I can recommend is to:

1. eat, eat , EATTTT. The more you eat (of the right thing) the better your chances of gaining some muscle.

2. Don't give up. Just because you have been working out hard doesn't mean you're just going to see results super fast. It takes time and dedication, but as long as you are working out hard and at least three times a week, results will eventually come.

3. Supplements. There are many different supplements that can help you start putting on the pounds. The most important would be CREATINE. Start taking creatine and you will start seeing results faster.

4. Find a workout partner. By finding someone who lifts about the same amount of weight you can form a competition, and a friend. When you lift with someone you have a spotter, and you should use them because it is only then you can do extra sets you couldn't normally do and thus tear your muscles apart more efficiently.

5. Learn from people in the gym. Mimick workouts other people do that you may not be doing and you could be surprised at the pumps you could experience. You're in the gym anyway and by learning new workouts you can better manipulate the weights.-creating new results.


  1. Thanks man, now if I can just get motivated, and put the exercises to work.

  2. skinny man workout. Sounds like thats up my ally.

  3. Thanks that really helped, its time to get pumped!