Thursday, April 2, 2009

working abs without...working abs

After you get done with an hour workout hitting major muscles you may find yourself lacking the motivation to workout your abs. Many people neglect abs and for good reason. Sometimes in the gym enough, is enough.

Well there is a simple fix to skipping ab workouts.

While completing your normal lifts whether it be standing or sitting a great way to get an abdominal workout in is to just make a conscious effort at tensing those muscles during your reps.

This means that you have to focus on constricting the muscles in your stomach as you workout other body parts. By doing this you can receive a great ab workout without having to spend extra time in gym!

Give it a try and you could be surprised at how well it works!

And remember, the stronger your abs are the more weight you can push!


  1. I tried keeping my abs tense and, WHEWWWWY! Good Stuff Frey, I'm on my way to a shredded eight pack already!!

  2. I like the idea of working my abs without actually doing abs.

  3. I really do find my entire core stronger when I work out my abs religiously. I also notice a huge difference if I keep those muscles tense while working out. Thanks!

  4. Tensing up the abs works alot better than full ab workout. Good stuff. Now i dont have to lay in the fetal position all day from a killer ab workout.